Founded in 2002, RRD delivers strategic, regulatory-driven product development support to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as investors in the life sciences industry. Comprehensive in scope and application, RRD’s core focus is pre-IND through human proof-of-concept (hPOC) development. From candidate evaluation to strategic planning, and from regulatory affairs to clinical development and management of related business functions, RRD’s proven development model is aligned with both industry needs and market conditions, enabling clients to:

  • Accelerate development timetables, reduce development costs and mitigate risk
  • Quantify asset value and viability before assuming fixed-cost infrastructure growth
  • Amplify productivity and return on investment (ROI)

From backgrounds in pharma/biotech, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Clinical Research Organization (CRO) management, RRD’s team of industry professionals brings a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and strategic thinking to product development—across all major classes and therapeutic areas. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, RRD has collaborated with all size of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies as well as partnered with venture capital and private equity firms. Since 2002, RRD has evaluated hundreds of potential opportunities for its clients and has managed all aspects of product development. In addition, RRD provided development oversight for a private equity fund investing $400 million in pipeline programs. The core team, along with an extensive network of expert affiliates, academic consultants, and proven service providers, makes RRD a unique product development partner.